Don’t let the Cost of Eye Surgery Stop You!

Don’t let the Cost of Eye Surgery Stop You!

Do you hate wearing glasses or lens every day? You don’t have to, and yet you’ll be able to see perfectly fine if you undergo laser eye surgery. Sounds all good? The associated success rates are around 96%. Complications may arise, but if you choose the best eye surgeons in the country, you don’t have to worry about them at all. They’ll take all necessary steps to minimise risks, but on your part, make sure that you follow the instructions they provide. 

As effective as eye surgery might be, the costs are still a concern for many Australians. But then there are so many benefits as well, so the costs are worth it. Eye doctors at suggest laser eye surgery is a more economical option than lenses any day as we’ll see towards the end. 

So before deciding anything, find out as much as you can about the process and the average rates offered by various eye institutions in Sydney. As a first step, schedule an initial consultation session with your eye doctor and take it ahead from there onwards. 

What are the average laser eye surgery costs? 

The average costs of laser eye surgery start from around $1300, and can go as high as $3700.  You would want to keep these as low as possible, and may think about selecting a lower priced clinic, but this is exactly where you’d be going wrong.   Generally, these are unreliable and use older equipment and technologies, which decrease the chances of success. 

Rather than just considering price alone, consider the quality and the expertise of the eye doctors before you make a decision.  Go with a clinic that uses the latest technology and houses the best laser eye surgeons in town. 

Does health insurance cover eye surgery?

Most of the insurance policies don’t cover LASIK and other eye surgical procedures. Rarely, you may come across one that does, but then also, it won’t be 100%, and you would only be reimbursed a certain percentage of the overall incurred costs. 

How do the laser eye surgery costs compare to the costs associated with glasses and lenses?

Let’s compare the costs of laser eye surgery with the prices of glasses and lenses so that you can get a better idea. 

The price of contact lenses depends on the type and the frequency with which you change them. The average costs are determined to be $300 yearly.   If you go with LASIK, you’d have to spend around $5000 for both eyes, but then you wouldn’t need contact lenses ever again. Laser eye surgeries usually last for a lifetime, whereas contact lenses have to be changed almost every year. Considering 20 years, the only upfront costs with laser are the initial $5000, whereas for contact lenses, they are $300 x 20 = $6000. 

The average yearly costs for glasses are around $100. So for 20 years, this is a cheaper option, but then, glasses can’t be worn during the rainy seasons or when swimming.

In a nutshell, laser eye surgery is worth it, despite the initial costs.

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